I just cleaned out some e-mail today and I realized people are still reading this blog, even though I stopped using it months ago. What this tells me is that there is a demand for Brady (not to be too egocentric or anything…). So I’ll try and keep updating this. So to find out what I’ve been up to for the last couple of months read on…

If that worked, you should have had to click on a link to continue reading this post. That means Brady finally learned a little more computer coding. If not, you see a ridiculous thing of slashes and dashes.

Anyway, since I got back from China, I went home for a couple weeks and relaxed. It was great to be at home and hang out with my mom and just watch movies. It was a great rejuvenating experience.

But it didn’t last long. I had to come back to school and learn. Yuck. This quarter at school I decided that I would take a really light quarter (I’ve earned it) and I’ll get better grades if I take fewer classes. I also thought I would get in shape this quarter. I tried on and off to get a work out schedule going, but now I’ve made up a holiday.

We are currently deep into NovembeRun, a month where I have vowed to go on a run every single day. So far I’m 8/8 and I’ve got plans to go on a run in about an hour to get day number 9 solid. If all goes well I might drop a couple lbs (pronounced ell-bees) and at the very least, I’ll be able to go up the stairs without getting winded.

Let’s hope this gets the ball rolling (again) so that I will be able to effortlessly blog when I get to France. And if you didn’t know, I’m going to France in January. For 8 months!