Boy am I tired. Always.

My pedometer just died. I think I overworked it. On a daily average I was walking 15,000 steps. This is approximately 7 miles. That does not count the 6 floors of stairs. Each day, I leave my apartment around 9:00 AM and I return home at 8:00 PM for dinner and then I head back out for the night. It’s brutal. I’m tired just thinking about it.

You may or may not know that as my time here in Paris goes on, seasons will change, I’ll get new classes, and I will also start an internship. What I didn’t know was that I needed to submit a resumé by tomorrow morning. I have a lovely resumé that I’ve spent a lot of time on and I was just about to submit it when… oh. It’s not a resumé. It’s a Curriculum Vitae. It has to be in FRENCH!

You can see my finished curriculum vitae and sympathize for me, if you’d like.

Today was the second weekly Cathedral Thursday! What’s Cathedral Thursday you ask?

You will have to wait until tomorrow to find out. I’m up way too late. I woke up way too early. This is my 5th night in a row up past 1:00AM. Tomorrow will be my 5th morning in a row up before 9:00 AM clocking in at a record 7:45 AM. Although I get to sleep on the train.

The train? To where?!? The SUSPENSE!!!!!

Look forward to not one, but two blog posts tomorrow. Deep breaths.

I wouldn't leave you without any pictures now that I found my camera charger! It was in the sheets... weird.