Je suis crevant! (I’m dead tired!)

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I got half way through writing a blog post and I fell asleep. I PROMISE to write one tomorrow.

That's how dead tired I am. Père Lachaise Cemetary tired. Balzac and Jim Morrison dead tired.


Rouen – La ville ce que je ne peux pas dire le nom (Rouen: The city whose name I can’t say).


*Note of anger* This post was written Friday on the TGV (high speed train) to Nantes for the weekend. I meant to post it Friday or Saturday but our internet broke. I hope you all enjoy the extremely belated piece.

*Note of anger 2* Internet while travelling seems to be a very elusive thing. Don’t we live in 2011? Shouldn’t everywhere have free wireless? Am I just spoiled by Stanford?†

Try and say it. I can’t. I get corrected all the time. The roooo is easy but it’s all one syllable. RWAN. Roooan. Roooun. I don’t know. All you need to know is that it’s in the North of France. In Normandy!††

Fortunately, the city itself is a lot more accessible. For our second Cathedral Thursday, Mia and I were joined by the wonderful Maddy. She added a much-needed photographer to our group, so this time we took lots of pictures. I was late for leaving to the train station and made it just in time. On the train, I met my first rude French people! It was an experience I’m glad I had because to tell the truth, the French have been very accommodating since I’ve arrived. My friend had her feet up on the chair in front of her and her empty coffee cup was sitting on the floor. The French family next to us leaned over and the wife said, in English, “Don’t put your feet up on the chair. It’s rude and the chairs need to preserve.” That was a little curt, but reasonable enough. Then the woman said, “Is that your coffee cup?” My friend nodded and the woman said “You should probably clean that up.” The husband chimed in “How disgusting!” And then they proceeded to tell their daughters about the indecency of Americans (now in French) while we were sitting right next to them. It was my first big culture shock.