1st Half of Cannes: A Photo Essay



Cannes – Day 1

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I’ll upload pictures when I get home tonight.

Woke up at 7:00 Am, so late. I had to be down at the Palais des Festivals at 8:00 AM to get my press pass and start my experience. Fortunately, I arrived at 7:58 and got my lowly first timers small town news Yellow Pass. It means that often times I’ll have to wait for White, Pink, and Blue passes to go ahead of me. Damn you Roger Ebert!

Fortunately, I barely got into the first screening of the day of We Need to Talk About Kevin. It was in the Grand Théâtre Lumière (probably named after the Lumière Brothers whose house I visited in Lyon), which is where the red carpet runs up to, and all of the big fancy events are held at night. The theatre is massive and the Internet tells me it holds over 2,000 people. I could not tell you if anyone famous went because I was in the far back corner, the nosebleeds. The screen was actually massive so I’m glad I was further away rather than close up.

I’ll talk more about the movie itself elsewhere, but in short it was really stylized, very visual with lots of splatters, which is surprising for a domestic drama, and Tilda Swinton was her usual amazing self. I wasn’t a huge fan, but it seems to be the favorite of the day if not the pick to win everything already.

After being denied access to Restless, I made my way up to the pressroom to send some emails and work on a paper. I am still in school so these are the sacrifices I must make. Sadly, the wifi would have cost my 15 euros! So I lived without my email, wrote a super substandard essay on a French political cartoon and tried to make it to my next screening.

I went home, made myself lunch, sent off my paper, called my mom, took a nap and was back out again. This time I went to Gus Van Sant’s Restless. This is the same guy that did Milk and Good Will Hunting, so everyone had high hopes for it. Sadly it disappointed everyone, but I didn’t hate it. However, the movie was not the main star of this film screening. It was the opening film to the Un Certain Regard film series, which is all of the films that are too small and weird to be in the big boy competition, although its still super competitive. This opening status meant that the whole jury for that competition was there which included no one real famous but one director that the French audience went nutso for.

Then the moderator was just like “oh yeah by the way Adrien Brody’s here” and then he just stands up and waves in the back of the theatre. I had no idea we were in the presence of actual celebrities. Then the stars/director of the movie we were about to watch magically showed up, made a little high school esque speech, and then sat down just one row behind me. It was Gus Van Sant, who is incredibly articulate, Mia Wasikowska who was incredibly hot, Henry Hopper, who was equally charming, and Bryce Dallas Howard who I had no idea was a) attractive and b) a producer.

After the movie I briefly met up with my two roommates Forrest and Colin before going off to one last screening. Here my French abilities paid off as I chatted with the guy not letting me in and made some jokes about my lowly badge and I got let in (I would have anyway but I’ll keep the victory). Polisse was awesome and I will recommend it highly.