We arrived back in Hong Kong to gather our strength, eat some delicious food, and ultimately send Mia back home in style. The trip went by so quickly and it really felt like we jammed a lot into two very quick weeks so we took some time just to relax and take a slow day. The only thing we really did was walk around, eat delicious dim sum at a very cheap Michelin Star rated hole in the wall called Tim Ho Wan, walk through Hong Kong, and then go to dinner. The next morning Mia took a plane home and that was the end of our little trip.

So if you’ve realized that this is the last day of a country, it means we’ve got a food post! And we ate our way through the country for sure! Here’s a big big look at all of the delicious food. And then it’s on to Bangladesh! (after some slight delays)

A mysterious soup in a cool looking bowl at an Indonesian restaurant in the very cosmopolitan city of Hong Kong.

Mia over a steaming hot pot.

The delicious dinner on the flight to Chengdu.

My favorite way to eat in China – spicy street side BBQ.

Just choose your skewers from the shelf and then they cook them up!

Mmmmmmm. You can get lotus, and spring onions, and broccoli too!

World famous Mapo Doufu (Tofu). It’s super spicy and filled with little “land mine” peppercorns.

A sizzling dish of chicken and onions that hurt to get to close to.

Kung Pow Chicken – An actual Sichuanese delicacy.

We had delicious chrysanthemum tea at every meal.

Super cheap noodles in a random shop in Dali.

Little potato bites from an old lady street vendor.

A tea service before a random dance show.

A machine making little walnut pastries, fresh and warm.

I’ve honestly forgotten the name of this Bai snack. They’re like little doughy pizzas with cheese and other things. Kind of salty, very doughy, super delicious.

Mia had a delicious dragonfly made of caramelized sugar.

The infamous and famous “Crossing the Bridge” Noodles. Not worth the hype.

The delicious tofu salad we made at our cooking class.

The Kund Pow Chicken we made in the front and our eggplant dish in the clay pot in the back. All very delicious, if I do say so myself.

A very starchy pumpkin dish.

Yak stew. Not as good as it sounds, and it doesn’t sound that good either.

Don’t let them fool you. These colorful fluffballs look tasty, but are actually sticky tapioca balls that are kind of inedible.

How to make cucumber delicious? Wrap it in bacon.

Stale pumpkin cakes look better than they taste.

A little mixture of corn, carrots, peppers, and chicken feet – my new least favorite ingredient. I physically couldn’t eat them. I didn’t know how to chew them into smaller pieces.

Things that are better than chicken feet: Deep-friend cockroach.


More food names I’ve forgotten. This is an egg pancake thing for breakfast!

More spicy hot pot broth!

Most of our white rice was served in these adorable wooden buckets.

The best corn dish I’ve ever had in my life. Seriously. It was breaded and sweet and crunchy and moist. Unreal.

It’s basically Kung Pow Chicken, but with Beef and lotus. Delicious!

Delicious noodles!

These BBQ pork buns were unreal. If you ever go to Tim Ho Wan in Hong Kong, get ten orders of these. They are so savory, and the crust is flaky yet fluffy. Oh my gosh. Religious dim sum experience.

Lotus cakes

So much dim sum.

Mysterious orange jell-o at the end of our dim sum.

I’m sorry baby pigeon. You sure were delicious.

Delicious plum sauce duck.