For this installment of the food post, I decided that there wasn’t enough interesting food in Bangladesh on its own. Plus, if I did one post for all of India, it would be massive. Fortunately, the northeastern section of India is actually West Bengal and a lot of the food is very similar. I threw in the state of Orissa too because I could, even though their cuisine stands a bit apart from anywhere else on the subcontinent. Enjoy!

Don’t panic! This is a picture from before I shaved in Bangladesh. One of the workers there was just obsessed with my camera and took a ton pictures of me eating with my camera.

Here is that man.

Samosas for lunch. Mostly everyday.

I was in Bangladesh during Ramadan and traditionally, the muslims break their day long fast with a meal of iftar. Iftar, for us, is basically a lot of fried breads and vegetables. Delicious.

How have we not thought of this? A fried egg in a baked potato. Genius.

I have yet to figure out what the mysterious vegetables in this type of curry. It’s just all so green. Any guesses?

So much curry. Not complaining.

You get a lot of meals that are bizarrely sectioned. Exhibit A.


I got a meal at the food court in the mall. Sue me. Here is an Indian take on food court fare from “Dosas and More!”

Roti and Coke.

It’s not the best picture, but Subway has special local Indian subs! I’ll have a footlong Chicken Tikka!

An Orissan sampler platter. Let’s zoom in, shall we?

One of these vegetable medleys was sweet. Not okay!

Left to right: Mysterious but delicious veggie curry, a wonderful pudding dessert with cucumber, and some kind of chicken that was tangy but too bony.

More extremely sectioned meals. It’s called Thali and they’re always exciting.

This mutton curry was so spicy I almost died.


I can’t even remember what I loved so much about this “American sweet corn” but it was crunchy and sweet, fried in masala or something. I don’t know enough about food.

This is a sad picture of delicious onion kulcha, another kind of delicious Indian bread.