I honestly don’t have too much to write this time around. After my exhausting days of hiking in Kerala, I popped up the West coast to Goa, the Cancun of India. I arrived at my hotel in Baga Beach, which is supposed to be the most happening of them all, but since it was the off season, it was still pretty sleepy. I don’t have too much to write because I didn’t do too much besides relax.

The main thing to do in Goa is rent a motorbike and go to the different beaches so I did just that. Goa is the perfect place to rent a bike because there aren’t any confusing intersections or traffic and there are a hundred road signs to help you get to the different towns. All of North Goa is within about 10km and just makes going to the different forts and beaches really easy and fun.


I honestly don’t have to much to tell and I was there for four days. I spent one day just biking from bookstore to bookstore in search of A Clash of Kings, the sequel to A Game of Thrones (it only took 5 book stores on 3 different beaches!) I spent another day going to look at the old cathedrals, but those pictures are lost because my memory card broke. I went to see a Bollywood movie called Ek Tha Tiger that was so ridiculous.

One night when looking for a restaurant that met my standards (well lit and quiet so I can read a book while I eat by myself) I found one and I was there for about 5 minutes and then it turned into a British senior citizen karaoke night so that was a thing that happened.


I also met up with a couple of friends of a friend from Stanford who arrived on my last day there. It was nice grabbing a drink and getting to talk about some people we had in common. Unfortunately, it started raining as soon as they got there, but I got to have a great week in the sun!