Your traditional Indian dal, curry, and puddings don’t mae for an exactly photogenic cuisine. However, the presentation is sometimes pretty interesting. I gave up taking pictures after a while, but here are a few of the food related pictures I did take while I was traveling around India!

And bear with me on some of the descriptions. They might be entirely wrong, but I ate some of these meals a month ago so my memory isn’t perfect.

This is an Indian rice flour cake that was such a tasty base I ordered more!

Some delicious dipping/pouring sauces.


All I remember is loving this dish so much I had seconds.

These pictures were all taken at Anu’s Grandpa’s favorite restaurant.


Rasgullah is the sweetest dessert. It’s inedibly sweet and the Indians love it. The texture is kind of doughy.

Some extra delicious mystery curry thali thing.

The world’s largest thali, thanks to the delicious chain restaurant Rajdhani.

Look! Ambiguous curry!


Onion Kulcha

These are some of the not so mysterious slops we made at our cooking class. The slop on the left is an eggplant masala. The slop on the right is an amazing pumpkin masala dish I plan on eating forever!


This is the meal we had on the houseboat cruise in the Kerala. It was thali served on a banana leaf.

After I took a picture of this onion pakoda, a woman came up to me and asked why I took pictures of my food.

These dosas were homemade by the sister of our illegal tiger safari guide. Just sugar and dough.


I frequently had a lunch of just samosas and other baked goods.


This was my meal at the dhaba snack bar in Amritsar.

Cherie, this one’s for you. It was a man in Amritsar pushing a cart with potato chips just out in the open air.


At the end of most meals, the check was presented with anise licorice seeds and sugar cubes.