We were only in Bangkok, Thailand for one day before setting off on our journey, but here are a few brief sketches of The City of Angels… the other city of angels.

We started off walking through the neighborhood next door to our hotel – Chinatown! The cramped streets and the crowded pedestrian sidewalks made it a fun place to stroll around. It was even more fun because every couple of blocks you would randomly stumble upon something like this:


Walking through Chinatown, perhaps too obviously, reminded me a lot of China. I could read many of the storefront signs and understand a lot of the local conversation. What I liked better about this district of Bangkok is that everything seemed more accessible. Thai pedestrians were eager to help us as we struggled with a map (that it turns out we weren’t even on).

We moved on to the National Museum of Thailand where we learned more about Thai history than we could ever know. Here’s a primer:

  • Lots of Elephant Warefare
  • Constantly fighting off the Burmese. Constantly.
  • The only person to match King Rama II in virility and fertility was his son King Rama IV. 50+ Children a piece.
  • King Taksin was the shit. He basically put Thailand back together again after the Burmese succeeded in defeating it in the 18th Century.

That’s about all that we did before feeling exhausted at 2PM. We eventually met up with our tour group and went to be promptly at 9:30PM. I woke up at 6 AM this morning and I’m writing this from Siem Reap, Cambodia. I’ll update after we visit Angkor Wat, the 8th Wonder of the World.